General Terms and Conditions of Business and Carriage (GTC)

NEOLUXE Limousines, Abdul Fattah Tarabulsi, Schwalbenweg 7, 12529 Schoenefeld.

§1 Booking of transportation services

A legally binding booking, rebooking or cancellation can only be made with NEOLUXE Limousines. The drivers are not authorized to accept bookings, rebookings or cancellations of any kind. When the booking is made, a contract of carriage between NEOLUXE Limousines and the person making the booking comes into effect, with acknowledgment of these General Terms and Conditions.

If NEOLUXE Limousines confirms the customer’s registration only in a different form, this confirmation is to be evaluated as a new offer. The customer can revoke the new offer from NEOLUXE Limousines in writing within 3 days of receipt. In case of telephone bookings, NEOLUXE Limousines is not liable for transmission errors.

§2 Carriage

1.1 Departure Times / Departure

The passenger is responsible for determining the pick-up time for the passengers. NEOLUXE Limousines can help with the planning. This appointment must be strictly observed by the passenger, otherwise the right to carriage will be lost. The passenger must be reachable by phone during the pick-up time indicated (+/- 15 minutes). Waiting in front of the house without being able to be reached by telephone may jeopardize the timely collection and thus the right to transport. If the passenger does not find one of our drivers at the agreed place at the agreed pick-up time, he must inform NEOLUXE Limousines immediately in order to clarify the matter. The valid telephone numbers can be found on the booking confirmation.
If other means of transport are used without the request of NEOLUXE Limousines, the costs incurred for this do not have to be reimbursed by NEOLUXE Limousines. This means that these costs must be paid by the customer.

2.2 Departure Times / Arrivals

The pick-up time at the airport corresponds to the arrival time of the flight stated at the time of booking plus 45 minutes.
If the customer gives incorrect departure and/or arrival times, he loses all claims against NEOLUXE Limousines, e.g. the right to transport, reimbursement of taxi costs, as well as reimbursement of any fare. This also applies if the customer confuses the departure and arrival times when specifying the times (date, time) or enters an incorrect flight number. In the event of a rebooking, the customer must inform NEOLUXE Limousines in writing of his/her wish to change the booking at least 48 hours before the specified departure or arrival time for a rebooking fee of €12. The customer must inform NEOLUXE Limousines immediately in writing of any changes in the arrival time specified by him. If the arrival is postponed or air traffic is delayed and the customer does not give NEOLUXE Limousines sufficient notice, the customer loses his claims against NEOLUXE Limousines (without reimbursement of costs), but as a gesture of goodwill, NEOLUXE Limousines will try to pick up the customer anyway. However, this can result in longer waiting times. This results in additional costs, about which the passenger will be informed. If the passenger names wrong times or places, NEOLUXE Limousines can charge the passenger for the resulting additional expenses.

Airport pickup can be at an official meeting point in the arrivals hall of each airport. This will be communicated by the driver in due course.

If the passenger does not find a driver from NEOLUXE Limousines within 30 minutes of arriving at the meeting point, he must notify NEOLUXE Limousines. NEOLUXE Limousines takes into account the time from the landing of the aircraft until the passenger actually arrives at the meeting point and generally waits there for up to 45 minutes/ – pick-up in the city – a maximum of 15 minutes free of charge.

In exceptional cases, however, this waiting time can also be exceeded. For these waiting times, NEOLUXE Limousines charges €15 for every 15 minutes or part thereof.

2.3 Baggage Carriage

One piece of luggage (up to 20 kg) and one piece of hand luggage (up to 5 kg) can be carried free of charge per person. An additional €7 will be charged for each additional piece of luggage. Additional luggage or bulky goods will only be transported in exceptional cases, upon prior notification and payment of an additional charge. There is no entitlement to carriage for dangerous goods, excessively heavy or heavily soiled baggage.

2.4 Carriage in general

The provisions of the PBefG, BGB, AGB, StVO, BO-Kraft apply.
The customer must report any complaints about the service to NEOLUXE Limousines in writing no later than 14 days after the service has been rendered. Later complaints will not be accepted.

§3 fare / terms of payment

All payments are made exclusively to the driver or by bank transfer to the bank details given on the booking form. The fare is to be paid to NEOLUXE Limousines at the end of the journey.

§4 Extraordinary Costs

4.1 Standing / waiting times

As explained under 2.2, these are charged at €15 for every 15 minutes or part thereof.

4.2 Collection Addresses

A route address is included in the fare. Additional arrival addresses must be agreed exclusively with NEOLUXE Limousines at least 24 hours before collection. Surcharges for this can be found in the currently valid price list.

4.4 Rebooking / Cancellation

Both contracting parties have the right to withdraw from the contract of carriage at any time. The cancellation of the transport contract by the customer/travel agency must generally be reported in writing to NEOLUXE Limousines. Rebookings are treated as cancellations with subsequent new bookings. The receipt at NEOLUXE Limousines is decisive for the time of withdrawal. The following cancellation fees will be charged:
29 days to 72 hours before the start of the trip €12
up to 24 hours before the start of the journey 60% of the total fare, but at least €22
up to 4 hours before the start of the journey 80% of the total fare, but at least €40
from 4 hours (or less: not showing up at the meeting point) 100% of the total fare.

4.5 Contamination of Vehicles

If the interior of the vehicle is heavily soiled by solid substances, a cleaning fee of €100 will be charged. For liquid substances, this flat rate is €150. In the case of urine, vomit and other foul-smelling substances, will be added flat-rate fee of €400.
These costs are to be paid immediately to the driver. In the case of foul-smelling substances (e.g. vomit), there is no right to transport (without reimbursement). This is at the discretion of NEOLUXE Limousines.

§5 Liability

The customer must assert any claims against NEOLUXE Limousines directly with NEOLUXE Limousines. Your travel agent or intermediary is not responsible for this. NEOLUXE Limousines is not liable for the consequences of delays as a result of unforeseeable traffic jams, traffic jams or vehicle breakdowns due to technical defects or force majeure. Liability for the consequences of delays that are not caused by gross negligence or intent on the part of NEOLUXE Limousines is excluded. Liability for property damage and personal injury is excluded beyond the obligation to join the statutory motor vehicle liability insurance. The liability limitations of the motor vehicle liability insurance apply explicitly in the relationship between the customer and NEOLUXE Limousines. Insofar as the liability insurance is not subject to liability, NEOLUXE Limousines is liable for up to twice the agreed total price of the transport service.
Please note that loading the vehicle is a courtesy of the driver and happens at your own risk. NEOLUXE Limousines is not liable for the courtesy service, but recommends travel and luggage insurance in this context.

§6 General

The invalidity of individual provisions does not result in the invalidity of the entire provision. This does not change the effectiveness of the other provisions or the contract. The statutory provisions shall take the place of ineffective clauses.

By signing the booking, the customer accepts the terms and conditions of NEOLUXE Limousines. For online bookings, these must be confirmed separately and are therefore valid without a signature.

When booking via the Internet, customer data is stored electronically. By completing the booking, the person making the booking agrees to the storage of their data. You can revoke the storage of your data later.

NEOLUXE Limousines reserves the right to change or update the General Terms and Conditions.

No liability is assumed for printing errors